“I am very humbled that everyone took the time out to write this! And Ben for keeping this list so well hidden and then surprised me with it! I am truly blessed to have such great friends. I couldn’t have had any of this or my career with out everyone here on this list! Everyone here helped and inspired me! I love and feel the same about everyone’s here, and what they have given me I am very honored and feel blessed to have such amazing friends! I am choked up and have tears of joy in my eye’s good one! you got me! hope to see everyone soon again! With love always Kerri.”

In response to all the messages and tracks sent to him by fellow DJs, producers and friends on his tribute page, Kerri decided to revisit his extensive back catalogue and unreleased pieces. It was this which prompted him to play an epic 7.5 hour live set, journeying through his years of production and life as a pioneering DJ.

Kerri began his set at 6.23pm (New York Time) and broadcast it live to fans and friends across the world – luckily he hit the record button! The set has been divided into 4 parts, with Madhouse releasing one each day – we released the first part yesterday and now you can hear the fourth and final part here today.

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