Jonathan Meyer – Many Things EP Out Now!

Jonathan Meyer is a man that’s passionate about music. Not content with being a producer, he’s also a DJ and a drummer. Over the last ten years he’s risen through the ranks, performing alongside Tony Humphries, and with Cirque Du Soleil, as well as remixing and producing albums of material.

Jonathan’s Many Things EP takes us immediately back to the pure house days with “Back Zone”, complete with piano and string lines reminiscent of early nineties clubbing. The retro feel doesn’t overtake though, and still cuts the mustard on the dancefloor!

“Echoes” is a little more laid back and chugs along with a synth-led groove, almost 80s in essence but with drums chunky enough to make you wanna move.

“Sanctuary” is much more stripped back and experimental with live percussive elements, and almost film soundtrack-ish in vibe.

The sax gets a good and proper airing on “Welcome Mr Fuzz” as it’s sultry tones float over Jonathan’s crisp beats and electronic bassline. This one takes you back to the disco days, and it’s definitely one for the terraces!

Rounding off this neat package is “Toms Over” where Jonathan really shows his drumming skills with some fancy tom-tom and cowbell action over some driving 4×4 beats and synth stabs.

If this isn’t enough for you we’ve got an extra special treat in the form of a Kerri Chandler Remix of “Toms Over” too! Kerri plays up the live percussion to great effect, pouring his own personal groove all over the beats and keeping things raw!

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