Kerri Chandler Muak DJ Set Part 1

For those who were at Egg last week for the Muak party, you will have witnessed an amazing 8-hour DJ set from Kerri Chandler, and we’ve captured the whole thing for your enjoyment!

Click the link below to download (for free) the first two hours of his set, and we will be releasing further sections in the coming weeks.  Enter promo code MUAK

Kerri Chandler DJ Set at Muak Nov 2010 – Part 1

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  1. omgosh! so very many thanks for putting this up! I was absolutely gutted to miss the night. You just made my year! 🙂

  2. this is classic!!!

  3. The MAN the LEGEND K.C thanks so much Kerri and the new track is of the hook man it’s got me gliding here i love it big up one more time BLAP BLAP BLAP !!!!! #1 PS YOU SHOULD BE HIGHER THAN 81 OR WHAT EVER IN THAT DJ CHART/ PEACE & LOVE ALWAYS.

  4. Hi my download link has expired….. 🙁

    for this >>> KERRI CHANDLER DJ SET AT MUAK NOV 2010 – PART 1

    Send me please @ this adress 😀

    Big thanks in advance

    Kerri is the king !

    House music 4 life :O)

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