Kerri Chandler: The Remixes

Champion Records have compiled a special collection of remixes that Kerri Chandler has done for them over their 30 year history, and it’s out today exclusively on Traxsource!

Many of the tracks included have previously only been released on DJ-only white label promo vinyl and never commercially released on any format (see Kristine W’s “Don’t Wanna Think”), while others are included for their sheer classic status (Robin S, Sandy B, Kristine W Remixes for example).  Over 70% of the tracks here have never been released digitally before now.


1. Shawn Christopher – Make My Love (Kerri Chandler Mix)
2. Kristine W – Feel What You Want (Kerri Chandler Remix)
3. Dee Dee Brave – My My Lover (Kaoz Again Mix)
4. Stoned Democracy – Close Like An Overdose (Kerri Chandler Remix)
5. EP2 – Dance (Kerri Chandler’s Centro-Fly Mix)
6. Kristine W – Don’t Wanna Think (Kerri’s Media Mix)
7. Soul Deluxe featuring Kareem – Free At Last (Kerri Chandler Remix)
8. Dee Dee Brave – There Is So Much (Kaoz 6:23 Mix)
9. Robin S – Show Me Love (Kerri Chandler Remix)
10. Sandy B – Make The World Go Round (Classix Media Mix)
11. Susan Clark – Deeper (Kaoz 6:23 Mix)
12. Dee Dee Brave – Can’t Get Over It (Kaoz 6:23 Mix)
13. Susan Clark – Deeper (111 East House Mix)
14. Kristine W – Don’t Wanna Think (Kaoz 6:23 Again)

For streaming audio of the full package visit the Champion Records website, or to buy digital downloads head over to Traxsource.

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  1. I LOVE this compiliation. The songs bring back a lot of memories. I am a long time fan of Kerri Chandler’s. On my FaceBook page I have been sounding the trumpets about this release. Magnificent!!! I’m actually listening to it now. LOVE the Kristine W remixes which I have never heard before. Get this compilation for those of you who do not have it.

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